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Helping Teachers Create Ripples Of Positive Change For Our Tamariki

Mental Health and Wellbeing Education For Teachers Of Year 5-8 Students

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What do you do when difficult emotions come into the classroom?

The world has become increasingly complex, and the emotional demands on our children have never been greater. When you have the right words to describe what you’re feeling, what you’re experiencing and what impact these are having on you, you have the power to change.

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Children and teachers working together in classroom

Change starts with the choices we make. 

Our programmes give you, the teacher, tools to help your primary and intermediate-aged students recognise and manage situations that stem from anxiety, stress and family violence. 

You’ll have a proven framework and practical tools to help your students express and manage their emotions better, build trust among each other, and make wise choices, enhancing overall classroom dynamics. 

Changing your classroom, their future and the future of their communities.

Speaking Up Makes An Impact

At Jade Speaks Up Educational Trust, we believe that every child has a right to feel safe and understood. By passing on trauma-informed, interactive methods to strengthen knowledge, resources and strategies to address your students' emotional literacy needs, we empower you to be the change-makers in their lives. 

Of the teachers that took part in our programmes from 2017-2023:

Keeping Child Wellbeing At The Heart Of Learning

Ko Te Oranga Tonutanga O Te Tamaiti Kei Te Tihi O Te Mātauranga

Empowering Teachers To Help Children Speak Up

Our programmes offer a range of solution-focused, strengths-based tools and strategies you can implement directly into your daily work.

Gain skills as well as learning the theory. 

We provide you with opportunities to practice and incorporate these strategies in your daily teaching, enhancing your classroom's emotional environment.

Go beyond a handout with a list of techniques. 

We deliver extensive solutions that enable you to manage a wide array of emotional and behavioural challenges, ensuring you are prepared for any situation.

Seamlessly integrate Te Ao Māori principles. 

Ensure your teaching approach respects and celebrates New Zealand's rich cultural heritage, fostering an inclusive learning environment.

"One of the strongest messages I gained from this workshop was that a child lacking a voice in a violent home will be powerless and become lost.

At the end of 2019, it became evident that the school had to manage and help support children in increasingly complex situations around violence and unsafe children. 

By teachers, teacher aides, principals, Oranga Tamariki, NGO’s and myself being able to complete this training of Jade Speaks Up, it meant that the students and teachers can have stronger, trusting relationships and the pupils feel more connected and grounded.

One of the strongest messages I gained from this workshop was that a child lacking a voice in a violent home will be powerless and become lost. They won’t reach their full potential and lack self-belief. Children will still be victims of violence, they will still disclose at school.

Children need to know that someone understands and can find help and support for them. It is imperative that the teacher feels strong and able to help the child’s voice be heard by appropriate people and action taken.”

~  Lisa Sell ~


Equip Your Students With Emotional Literacy Skills

With Jade Speaks Up, you're not just signing up for a programme; you're embarking on a journey that will empower you with a toolbox of practical strategies and a deeper understanding of how to build children’s resilience.