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Mental Health and Wellbeing Training Programmes

For Teachers Of Year 5-8 Students

Equip your students with the emotional skills they'll need for lifelong success

Our programmes give you, the teacher, tools to help your primary and intermediate-aged students recognise and manage situations that stem from anxiety, stress and family violence. 

You’ll have a proven framework and practical tools to help your students express and manage their emotions better, build trust among each other, and make wise choices, enhancing overall classroom dynamics. 

Changing your classroom, their future and the future of their communities.


Our programmes offer a range of solution-focused, strengths-based tools and strategies you can implement directly into your daily work.

Cross-curricular approach ensures comprehensive learning that integrates with the existing curriculum, providing an all-round educational experience.

Online evaluation tools enable real-time tracking of children's emotional wellbeing, aiding in timely interventions and personalised support.

Planning for classroom implementation provides a clear roadmap for the application of programme lessons, ensuring seamless integration into daily teaching.

Practical tools for supporting students experiencing emotional or uncomfortable responses by equipping you with strategies to provide immediate emotional support.

Te Hanga Hononga

Learn to facilitate emotional literacy among your tamariki and help them effectively identify and communicate their feelings, build trust and the ability to self-calm.

E pai ana koe? E pai ana!

Equip your students with strategies to understand and manage stress and anxiety, incorporating Te Ao Māori, neuroscience and embodied learning activities.

Te Waha Kōrero a Jade

Teach your students how to stay safe around family harm and bullying, the power of their choices, improving classroom dynamics and promoting empathy.

Building Resilient Classrooms and Communities

Emotional literacy, trust, and wise decision-making are critical skills for a student's personal and academic growth. But they’re often not taught in school within the context of student life beyond the classroom.  Without these foundational skills, students may face difficulties in managing their emotions, leading to disruptions in the classroom and obstacles in their personal growth.

In 2022 NZ Police made 182,500 visits to homes to incidents of family harm.

Fewer than 25% of incidences are ever reported to police or other helping agencies. This tells us that in every school community, there are children impacted by family harm. 

Children exposed to family harm - verbal, emotional or physical - struggle to learn and fully engage with class activities until their need for safety is addressed. 

Adding To Your Toolbox

At Jade Speaks Up, we've tailored our programmes to equip you with the tools to counter challenges such as family violence, anxiety, bullying, and the influence of social media.

Our team of highly experienced facilitators and trainers aims to empower you to foster safe, understanding environments for your students, making you the catalysts of change they need.

Our programmes are flexible and designed to fit seamlessly into your existing teaching schedule, ensuring your students receive these life skills without disrupting the regular flow of teaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these programmes suitable for all teaching environments?

Absolutely. Our programmes are flexible and have been designed to be adaptable to various teaching environments, considering students' diverse backgrounds and needs. They’ve been specially designed for school years 5-8.

How much time will I need to dedicate to each programme?

We recommend teaching each programme over a term.   Each programme has a training day for teachers of 5 hours. Please contact us for more specific information regarding each course.

How are these programmes delivered?

The programmes are delivered through in-person training sessions. This ensures a balanced approach between self-paced online learning and interactive face-to-face workshops.

Will I get resources to assist me in teaching these programmes?

Yes, our programmes come with comprehensive resources to aid in the implementation of the strategies learned in your classroom. This includes hard copy and online manuals with lesson plans and additional teaching resources.

How do these programmes align with the NZ Health and P.E. Curriculum?

All programmes are developed to align with Levels Two, Three and Four Outcomes of the NZ Health and P.E Curriculum, ensuring that they contribute to your existing curriculum. The deliverables of our programmes will be updated before 2025 when the new Health Curriculum will be implemented.

How do the programmes address cultural sensitivity?

Our programmes are interwoven with Te Ao Māori and Te Whare Tapa Wha models, and developed with significant input from Māori and Pacific educators, ensuring cultural responsiveness and relevance.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in these programmes?

No specific prerequisites are required for the Building Belonging and You Good? You Good! programmes. However, for Jade Speaks Up, you must first complete either the Building Belonging or the You Good? You Good!  course.

What kind of support can I expect after the course is completed?

We offer ongoing support following course completion. This includes an optional online supportive coaching session, resources to assist in the implementation of strategies and a community of educators for peer support and knowledge sharing.