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Help shape emotionally literate, empathetic, resilient children who can safely navigate the complexities of life.

"Jade Speaks Up" is our flagship teacher-led programme that equips teachers with strategies to enable a safe space for classroom exploration of emotional literacy, trust, self-calming strategies, and critical thinking in challenging situations.

It provides teachers with research-based resources to guide students in learning ways of keeping themselves and others safe in a scary situation. 

Our programme addresses the complex issue of family harm, equipping students with the knowledge and tools to stay safe. It allows teachers to feel confident when hearing a  disclosure of what to do and say and seek support for follow-through.

Over nearly 10 years of teachers delivering Jade Speaks Up, students have successfully applied the programme's strategies to keep themselves and others safe at school and at home.

Who is this programme best for?*

*Building Belonging and You Good? You Good! are prerequisites for attending our Jade Speaks Up programme. 

Participants of this course can expect:

Embodied learning activities for students to build and maintain healthy relationships.

Practical tools and approaches to open up a safe, trusting space for children to talk about their life and experiences beyond the classroom.

Practical safety plans and self-care strategies for your students.

A short animated film for classroom use that sensitively opens the topic of family harm.

Facilitated discussion on the scale and dynamics of family harm and violence in Aotearoa/ New Zealand and its impact on children.

To consider teacher well-being and how to use or expand your networks of help to support yourself if needed.

Professionally facilitated conversation regarding school policies and procedures for responding to disclosures.

We will cover:

Dealing with Disclosures of Family Violence

Gain the confidence and know-how to respond appropriately and compassionately to disclosures of family violence, ensuring children feel heard and supported.

Safety Planning

Teach your students how to plan and act in potentially unsafe situations, enhancing their personal safety and confidence.

Addressing Family Harm

Openly discuss the impact of family harm and how to stay safe, providing critical support to students who may be facing such challenges.

Managing The Next Step

Develop a clear understanding of when external help is necessary, ensuring students receive comprehensive support when needed.

The Course Modules You'll Teach

What the children will be learning:

Module 1

Keeping ourselves and others safe:

  • Discussing everyday situations which can become unsafe or scary. 

  • Viewing and analysing the 'Jade Speaks Up' film considering: what makes some people violent - an animated film developed in NZ with a character 'Jade' who learns about emotions, self-calming and strategies to keep herself safe around angry adults whose behaviour becomes scary.

  • I am learning that the way people feel can lead to helpful or unhelpful behaviours.

  • I can identify what led up to the unsafe interactions in Jade's family.

Module 2

Personal strength plan:

  • I am learning how to tell where a safe place is and where a safe place is not.

  • I am learning to know when I don't feel safe and how to stay safe.

Module 3

Choices to keep ourselves and others safe:

  • I am learning to demonstrate my ability to make choices to keep someone else safe.

  • I am learning to identify the pressures that can influence interactions with others and ways to act responsibly and respectfully to support myself and others.

  • I am learning to consider what I've learnt from this programme and how to apply it to my everyday life.

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